Sss audio review

;Sss movie starring Naga Chaitanya audio release function was held just a few days ago.The audio launch event was held hugely,A.R.Rahman has composed the music.As A.R.Rahman is the music director of this audio album,the expectations are huge as we have seen several beautiful audio album from A.R.Rahman and hence audience expecting same to repeat with sss audio.let us check audio review below.
Sss audio songs track list :-
1.Shokilla Singers

2.  Kannula Munde

3.  Chakori S

4. Taanu Nenu
5.  Vellipomaake

Sss audio review:- let us check the audio songs of sss below.The expectations are let us check whether it reach expectations or not below.

Vellipomake song was already a huge hit and remained as top song in the album.

Shokilla was a good party song which is also a good one to listen.

Taanu nenu song is the one which receiving decent response as well\

The other two songs are ok.

overall,sss audio was a decent one where you can enjoy a good album.

Sss audio rating – 3.5/5

sss audio review

4 5 1
sss audio is yet again a good A R rehman's musical album which is going to get good applause

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